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What is A Water Softener System?

Our water softening water systems remove calcium, magnesium. Which allows for softer feeling skin and hair when showering and requires less soap for the same cleaning efforts. Soft water is a key element in preserving the life of your plumbing by eliminating scale build-up. What does that mean for you? It protects one of your largest life investments. Your home.

A water softening system installed where water enters the home plumbing system is an effective way to remove hardness ions (calcium and magnesium ions) and turn hard water into soft water. In many households in the United States, the water coming in through the water main is hard water. Some effects of hard water are dry skin and the buildup of mineral deposits on appliances, fixtures, pipes, and shower doors. A water softening system uses ionization to remove the hardness ions from the water and facilitate the benefits of soft water, including healthier skin, a significantly increased lifespan for water-using appliances, eliminating mineral buildup on appliances/fixtures/pipes/shower doors, and increasing energy efficiency in the household.


Benefits of Having a Water Softener System

Fabrics Feel Softer • Sparkling Glassware, Tile, and Faucets • Soaps and Shampoos Have Richer Lather and Rinse Cleaner • Detergents & Cleaning Products Perform Better • Preserves Life of Water Using Appliances

Affordability with Financing Options

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Saving Advantage

  • 30% energy savings from a water heater free of hard water scale
  • 50% savings on laundry detergent, dish soap, shampoo, fabric softener, and other cleaning products

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